Wall Decal - Hope/80cm – Country Living
Wall Decal - Hope/80cm

Wall Decal - Hope/80cm


Marina de Wit

Enclosed in this packet is a stylish and removable art image. This art will last over 5 years on an interior surface. We do not reccommend applying to paper but almost any non-porous surface is suitable.

Proudly designed and produced in NZ, supporting NZ Artists.

Artist's Bio

Marina identifies as a dreamer at heart with a love of the old masters, Claude Monet and Vincent van Gough.  Painting was never her calling.   Instead Marina captures natural light to create photographic images that convey her fascination with nature.  Her camera is both Marina’s paintbrush and paint and with natural light, blur and gorgeous textures, she shares her vision through a lens.  Childhood memories of her grandmother’s garden, discovering sweeping African landscapes and wild oceans continue to inspire how she captures the beauty of our natural world.  Marina currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand.