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Magnolia Verse



These meaningful Verses from the Magnolia collection are the perfect gift for a special friend. The Magnolia homewares collection brings the simplistic elegance of magnolias into your home, mixed with organic textures and trending tones of off white and olive green for a look that’s both sophisticated and warm. The Verses are a thoughtful gift for a special friend.

12.5cm x 14.5cm.


Friends - Here’s to the moments that turned into memories, with friends that have turned into family. I’m glad to have a friend like you by my side.

Family - A circle of love and support, inspiring and believing in each other and being there for each other, no matter what

Daughter. You are loved for the little girl you were, the special woman you are now, and the wonderful daughter you will always be

Sister. To my sister, for the happy times shared throughout the years, for the loyalty, love, laughter and tears. For the special things only you can do. For all these, I truly cherish you

Mum. Everything I am you helped me to be. Thank you for being such a special Mum

Good Friends - Good friends are hard to find… in a lifetime you only get a few. These special friends bring out your inner strengths, uplift your soul and make you feel blessed to have them in your life

Love.  Sometimes I look at you and wonder how I got so lucky

Happiness.  The secret to having it all is knowing you already do

Strength.  Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain