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Healing Perineal Spray Ready-To-Use

Healing Perineal Spray Ready-To-Use


Viva La (V)ulva

Our Best Selling Healing Spray has had a glow up!!

Introducing our Viva La Vulva Healing Perineal Spray Ready-to-Use, reformulated to now include Viva La Vulva’s The Good Witch Hazel for extra healing powers, mixed with the OG mother-of-all-healing-tincture Hypercal. AND in a super easy refillable spray bottle that is ready to use instantly!

Plus this bottle of magic sprays effortlessly upside down. So handy when you need instant relief down there!

Did someone say HALLELUJAH?! - Thank you vagina goddesses!

Our healing spray eases the discomfort of postpartum vaginal swelling, soreness, and tears and offers instant pain relief, because OUCH.

It can also be used after c-section delivery, diminishing healing times.