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Eco Soya Wax Melts

Eco Soya Wax Melts



Transform the ambience of your surroundings with our long-lasting soy wax, heart melts.

Made with concentrated Essential Oils and premium ingredients, typically used in fragrance design, creating wonderfully complex layered scents that entice the senses, and enhance physical and psychological well-being.

Enjoy beautifully intense plant essences and aromatic notes hour upon hour.

Place soy melt on top of burner (oil or electric) to liquify for optimal fragrance diffusion.

30 Grams

Made in New Zealand



Lemongass ginger & Mint. Exhilarating fresh and aromatic. A citrusy spicy interplay between sweet and spicy, vibrant yet soft.

Snapped leaves of citrusy Thai Lemongrass, infused with freshly grounded Ginger root and Peppermint leaf, underpinned with delicate green Pandan leaves. 

Starfruit Lychee & Guava. Dreamy, sweet fruity and exotic. This undeniably summer assortment is tropical, playful, and deliciously addictive right to the very end. 

Top notes of sun-kissed Starfruit and Guava. Creamy Papaya & Mango mid notes are finished in a syrupy sweet base of Lychee and Cherimoya

Peopnies Pepper & Tubrose. A spicy intoxicating floral, that embodies femininity. 

Generous Peony top notes, coupled with Tuberose and spicy Green Peppercorns underpinned with woodsy citrusy notes of Rosewood and Ruby Red Grapefruit.