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Now Stocking Foxwood!

Foxwood is an offshoot brand by well acclaimed Elm Clothing. Driven by simplicity but well centered on style, it's a must look for any wardrobe.

As someone who isn't overly focused on fashion, Foxwood has managed to hit the perfect mark for me. I much prefer simplicity, function and style to my clothing. All the flair of many other designers get's a little lost in my wardrobe as I lean heavily on comfort and ease. I'm an all rounder type, I want something that I can wear to work, look and feel great in it, but then also head out for dinner in. This is my niche and I've finally found something that suits me perfectly! 

I'm probably the worst millennial when it comes to revolving my wardrobe, I tend to find something and just stick to it like glue until something else comes along to bump it our of my top spot. So whatever I add, I need to know that it will last the distance and let me actually be me without hampering my day to day. 

Here at Country Living, we're always on the lookout for interesting brands. Foxwood is one that has caught our esteemed leader Katie's personal eye and we know you're going to love it too. From top to bottom we've got you covered, comfortable every day wear that doesn't age, unlike your husband... It's mine's birthday on Saturday.... Wish me luck.

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